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How do two people with a show named after them get to skip out on actually being on it more often than they're on it? I dig Abrams & Bettes and hell I might even ship them but so far this year it's all been Jen Carfagno. Stephanie and Mike have been on the show together exactly one whole week (last week) since 2010 began, and frequently (this morning, for instance) neither is on at all. UGH these are the mornings I just turn to my iPod for weather.

I hope my vitamins come in the mail today! Feeling so much better since I resolved to gulp them all down every morning.

Hair time.
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What i have learned so far in 2 weeks at the DMV
or Adventures in Stereotyping

-A ridiculously high proportion of the general public does not know their own phone number.

-Of those that do, about a third are paranoid and guard it jealously. We're the fucking DMV, we don't sell your goddamn phone numbers. When I ask for it anyway, they lean in and whisper it as though someone is going to overhear and totally use this information to stir up some evil shenanigans.

-People lie left, right, and sideways about how much they paid for their vehicles. Oh, you got a five year-old car for $250? Of course you did.

-White people smell weird.

-Black people almost always pay cash.

-Chinese and Japanese people have an irrational fear of plates containing 4s and 9s. (The words for "death" and "four" are homophones, as are "nine" and "pain". What I want to know is how this was allowed to happen in the development of the languages.)

-Vietnamese people prefer 7s, 8s, and 9s.

-Old Indian people will not sit in cars whose plate numbers add up to 13.

-Children really are horrible creatures.

-Baby boomers tend to whine the most about how much cheaper all this was back in the day and how much better it is to go to a state-owned office (ours is contracted to an agency) and how inconvenient it is that they can only get two-year registration for their even-year vehicle in even years.

-No matter how much signage you try to put up, no matter how clearly you try to explain it on those signs, no matter where you put ropes to section off a separate line for titling, no matter how often you tell people, at least a third of them are stupid fucks who get in the wrong line. (No, I don't give a shit if you "need new plates". Half the drivers in Missouri still need them. You are not a unique snowflake. New plates are part of everyone's renewal. Renewals are over on that side, with the two big signs that say "renewals". Now get out of my goddamn titling line.)

-Old people are still cute.

-Groundhogs live behind our building.

I should probably mention that so far, this job is actually pretty decent.
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This describes approximately half the females I know.

Thanks to carolburnett, who probably fits into that category, I am now the owner of two pairs of work-appropriate pants. Old Navy khakis in gray and black (oh comfort zone of neutrals), whut. It's been probably 4 years since I last shopped there, but they still appear to be up to their old vanity sizing tricks. Can't say I mind. Collapse )

While we're on the subject of girly shit, I stepped outside my Comfort Zone and bought purple nail polish. HOLY CRAP.

While we're on the subject of lamenting the summertime, I'm so allergic to CoMO. I've been popping chlorpheniramine every morning, and it seems to work well enough to at least keep the sneezing under control, though the sore throat still lingers. My kingdom for OTC fexofenadine.

Jason is leaving for Canada Minnesota tomorrow afternoon, which means it's just me and Pip for a week, but it'll leave us free to plot and scheme some birthday nonsense up for him. Last night he taught me the basics of poker and I beat his ass several times. He'll tell you he won, but that's only because he conveniently decided it was bedtime when he had more chips. We also had some number of mimosas with grenadine.

I'm really into badly-written erotica/sex scenes lately. Click and enjoy.

I was up at 8 this morning.
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Taking the professional stylist out of the haircut equation makes the whole ordeal at least 50% less traumatic and 100% less expensive. And seriously, if I can cut my own hair just fine, Jason really should let me trim his. It'll be very.

This morning I had two songs looping around each other in my head: "Superheroes" from Rocky Horror and, um, "SexyBack". I prefer "Superheroes", but "SexyBack" is much easier to sing so that's unfortunately what I noticed coming out of my mouth.

I take great pride in not being a weenie about spiders like Jason some other people who live here, but I didn't appreciate the skinny-legged bastard who decided to amble across my hair towel while I was getting ready to plop (I AM A BIG BELIEVER IN PLOPPING. IT HAS BEEN LIKE OUT-OF-CONTROL TEEN BOOT CAMP FOR MY FORMERLY STUBBORN HATEFUL WAVES WHOSE POOR ATTITUDE WAS ACTUALLY JUST A SYMPTOM OF NOT BEING SHOWN ENOUGH LOVE) post-shower. When I went to shake it off/smush it, it attempted some kind of weird evasive maneuver and disappeared mysteriously, and even though I checked the towel to be sure, I am still uncomfortable about the possibility that there is a spider, either dead or alive, or spider parts wrapped up with my hair. Fuck. It's like Schrödinger's cat, only gross and with more legs.
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Robin's a prat


Mongolian bbq costs too much so I attempted to recreate my favorite sauce combo all in one sauce at home, and the results were damn close. Even Jason approves.

Collapse )

Other recent happenings: Crystal and Sam came over on Friday with Andrea and Tim. Boozings, Rock Band, and playing with fire were enjoyed by all. The next night we all met up on a golf course by the football stadium to get rained on and watch fireworks.

Got a job today as a call center person at a textbook company. You call me and I find you textbooks for your classes. I did so well on the fake customer order bit that they hired me on the spot. Ironic, since if you know me you know how much I hate phones. It's probably only temporary, until call volume drops off as school starts, and I don't start until the 20th so I'm going to keep looking in the meantime, but I feel much better after all those false starts elsewhere.

Have begun watching Robin of Sherwood. Mullets ahoy and so much magical-/adventurous-sounding 80s synth it puts Labyrinth to shame. I think I like it; it's much more serious in tone and in its attempts for historical accuracy than the recent BBC series, and idk yet which direction they're taking Marion (yes, with an o), but I hope something good happens. Speaking of the other series, it was axed FUCK YEAH--as in no stupid Archer and Kate and S4--which makes the end of season 3 suck just a little bit less.

I'm not really sure yet how it will be useful to me, but the Pocket Ref is badass.
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Celebrity deaths are rarely sad. Get back to me when if David Bowie dies. Until then, I'll just people-watch. The reactions to shit like this are far more interesting than the events themselves--MJ's is one of a handful of celeb deaths that has resulted in ohnotheydidnt overloading so badly that all of LJ was down. And I couldn't help myself; the last OMFG BIG DEAL I saw on TV was Heath Ledger's death, so extrapolating from that, I realized I had to see what the media reaction was like. My TV was on for all of about three minutes; every single live news program/channel was yakking about MJ, and I shut it off when people began drawing comparisons to 9/11. Bleh.

I don't get why everyone's so sad. Until today, nobody gave a shit about him except to joke about the child molestation thing, so where all this grief is coming from I have no clue.
oh Much

in which i whine about my BBC fandoms. yes, AGAIN.

One of my fandoms has gone to hell. :( Robin Hood was a fun, blatantly anachronistic, silly show for the first two seasons, with characters I actually cared about and lots of lighthearted adventure. Now it's full of new characters the writers have pulled out of their asses and veteran characters the writers are completely ignoring. So many cast changes and a turn for the serious is just too much change to pile on us all at once; I could handle one or the other, but all at once, it's alienating veteran fans.

Jason and I still watch it, but our interest has waned enough that we let two or three episodes pile up before bothering to watch them, and they're a bit tedious. For me, it's more for the sake of completion than anything else. Never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad Jonas is leaving.

In better news, Merlin premieres on US television tomorrow night at 7pm. Through the magic of torrents, I've already seen it all, of course, but with NBC airing it I hope more people will take interest. BBC has season 2 in the works, with what appears to be the entire original cast, and I could not be more pleased. It's also a silly, anachronistic, fun show, though it's more serious than the first two seasons of RH were. When I started watching it, it was like Diet Coke to get me through until I got a refill of sugary, high-calorie Robin Hood, but like diet soda, it is an acquired taste that I have come to prefer. *sigh* I was pleased to find out not long ago that one of my main complaints about Merlin, their magic spells that sounded like babble and gibberish (which I haaaate), may actually be based on old Nordic/Celtic languages. Further research is indicated.

Also in fandom news, this time related to older interests which also took canonical turns for the worse and made me very bitter, I got a Jack Sparrow Pez dispenser the other day, and Pip is afraid of it but enjoyed the candy.

My love affair with ST: TNG is still going strong. I am pathetically in love and will say no more, except to point any interested parties with a sense of humor to the Trek hilarity edited together by these guys and this guy.